Sophistication and Style: What to Wear in Your 30’s

Whether you’ve just reached your 30’s or you’ve been there for a while but have been trying to deny it, you may be wondering what you should be wearing and what staple items you should have in your wardrobe. You might feel past the young, hip fashions but you’re definitely too young for the “mature woman” ranges – so where do you fit in?

Sophistication and Style: What to Wear in Your 30's
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When you hit your 30’s, you’ll probably find that reality starts to sink in – you’re getting old and you need to emulate sophistication. Throughout your 20’s, you can generally continue to ride the tidal wave of your youth but sadly, hitting the big 30 puts you in a different league completely. However, this doesn’t mean your life is over and you now need to start wearing frumpy jumpers, mumsy dresses and covering up every inch of your skin. The chances are you still look and feel youthful, so why shouldn’t you flaunt this?

Dressing Your Age

We’re no longer in the 1950’s where you need to “dress your age”. Instead, fashion allows us to dress exactly how we feel like we should dress. There are some age-appropriate things that you may need to ditch – i.e. that playsuit that only just covers your butt cheeks – but you certainly don’t need to dress like your Mom just yet. Instead, you just need to consider how age-appropriate something is before you choose to wear it – and, if you feel it is a little too “young”, you’ll probably find something that is more sophisticated and stylish but will still give off the same wow-factor.

Take, for example, dungarees. Perhaps those denim ones you used to wear with a bandeau top aren’t going to cut it. But a black silk ensemble will look gorgeous and gives you a dressier, stylish edge. Perfect for work or for a smart-casual occasion!

Looking and Feeling Good

Most workplaces have toned down their rules and regulations when it comes to what you can wear. A lot will now accept jeans which will really work to your advantage. Now you can choose a blouse or top with a smart blazer or cardigan, instantly giving yourself a chic, elegant edge that’s also youthful.

And, even though you probably will want to dress differently to how your teenage self did, there are far fewer rules in place about what you should be wearing at what age. If 50-year-olds are still wearing playsuits, cut-off jeans and mini dresses, why on earth shouldn’t you? The main thing is – if you feel good in what you’re wearing then that should be enough. You only have to look at 94-year-old Iris Apfel to know this!

Staple Items for Your Wardrobe

With a few pieces of designer clothing hung in your wardrobe acting as staple items, you’ll be far less likely to have one of those “I have nothing to wear” moments:

Black High Heels: These are a classic shoe for women of all ages and are fantastic for work as well as pleasure. They’re a piece of footwear that will be as trusty as the little black dress; a faithful companion that will go with almost anything when all of your other shoes won’t.

A Blazer: Even if you don’t need to wear a blazer to the office, this is something that can instantly transform an outfit with, giving it that much-needed lift. Opt for a blazer that isn’t too long in the arm and complements your figure – and if you’re struggling to find one of these, take it down to your local tailor to get that ultimate silhouette.

Jeans: Who can live without them? Jeans are something we can throw on and instantly feel better about ourselves, so make sure there’s at least one pair of these in your wardrobe. From bootlegs to skinny jeans, whatever makes you feel good will look good!

A Silk Scarf: As another item that can instantly lift an outfit, the silk scarf is chic and sophisticated. For one that’s versatile no matter what the weather, opt for a 100% silk scarf.

Diamond Earrings: OK, so these don’t have to be the real deal but diamond studs are perfect for women of all ages and bring a touch of sparkle to any outfit.

Sunglasses: These little beauties aren’t just essential in the summer but are also ideal for when you’re feeling tired and aren’t looking your best. Perfect for covering up dark circles under the eyes and for accessorizing any outfit, these are another must-have for your wardrobe all year round.

It doesn’t matter what you wear, if you don’t feel comfortable or confident, this is going to be reflected in your overall look. So, choose items of clothing that make you smile and the rest will follow.

Abbie Wood loves fashion, and wants to become a fashion designer after she graduates. Already designing and making clothes for herself and select friends and family, Abbie is also a keen fashion blogger.

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