Paradise in Nature: 7 Fun Hobbies for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The great outdoors is the perfect place for fun and finding new hobbies. What are some of these enjoyable outdoor hobby ideas? Let’s take a look at seven great choices, each with its own degree of excitement and area of interest.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is an exciting game in which players follow a predetermined “course”, or sequence of items in the environment that have to be contacted by a thrown frisbee. Even in a small area, courses can be changed, with new items and sequences to follow. Playing alone is fine, but playing in a group is a blast.


For a calmer hobby that still keeps you moving around the outdoors, try geocaching. In geocaching, players try to physically reach predetermined GPS coordinates. These coordinates can be anywhere and could have been set by computer or by another person that was already there. This is a fun finding-game for all ages.

Paradise in Nature: 7 Fun Hobbies for Outdoor Enthusiasts
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Photography is a hobby that can be engaged in anytime and at any place. All you need is your camera or camera-phone. Items of photographic interest can be refined to certain animals, insects, trees, or family scenes. The photographer can also take a “photograph everything” approach. Either way, it’s fun when you decide.

Aerial Photography

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than by combining drones, cameras, and nature? In aerial photography, one can capture breathtaking pictures and video in ways impossible by other means. For those rookie pilots out there wanting some training first, online schools such as CineChopper University and others are available to help quickly make you a pro at the hobby.

Paradise in Nature: 7 Fun Hobbies for Outdoor Enthusiasts
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Nature Watching

Sometimes, the hobby itself lies in just getting out enjoying and observing the goings-on of nature. Squirrels, chipmunks, birds, foliage growth – there is so much out there to be observed. Sunset and sunrise-chasing is a fun activity in this area to consider as well.


Whether you go hiking for physical fitness, for the enjoyment of being out in nature, or both, hiking has always been a beloved pastime of humankind. Pick a route or decide as you go. Once on the path, you can always partake in some of these other great, aforementioned hobbies along the way.

Paradise in Nature: 7 Fun Hobbies for Outdoor Enthusiasts
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Camping is a great way to get the whole family out for some outdoors fun. Setup the tent, get a fire going, sing some songs, and put some marshmallows to the flame. You can make it a single-night event, right in the backyard, or make it more of an extended excursion at a more distant location. The choice is yours!

The great outdoors is calling. These seven options in outdoor hobbies all provide great ways to spend some time out there. Whichever ones you choose, have fun and be safe.

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