10 Ways to Look Great While Staying Warm This Winter

Once the temperatures start to dip into the single digits, many people’s fashion sense starts to be sacrificed in exchange for warmth. Instead of figure flattering silhouettes, you may have lumpy sweaters and puffy coats. This year, make it your mission to focus on cold weather styles that help you keep warm while also being smart and stylish. Here are 10 winter fashions that look great and feel warm and cozy.

10 Ways to Look Great While Staying Warm This Winter
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1. Tailored Blazers

One of the key pieces of advice to staying warm this winter is layering your clothing pieces. That way, you can comfortably make the transition from the bitter cold outdoors to the warmth that may be waiting for you inside of your home or office. An easy piece that is perfect for winter layering is a tailored blazer. Choose a base layer to wear, such as a sleeveless top or a camisole, and slip on a warm blazer to keep yourself protected from the chill.

2. Knee-Length Skirts

For some women, winter means putting away all of their skirts and dresses in storage until the weather gets warm again. One type of skirt that you don’t have to save for warmer temperatures is the longer variety, such as the knee-length skirt. This type of skirt gives your body more coverage and protection during the wild weather events of snow, ice, and wind in the winter. You can keep even warmer by donning a pair of thick tights or leggings under your skirt.

3. Cowl Neck Sweater

Sweaters are a must for winter, but you don’t have to give up your fashion sense and choose only the thickest and most shapeless of tops this season. One stylish look that keeps you looking fabulous and feeling cozy is the cowl neck sweater. You can choose a thicker woven fabric or something a little lighter when the weather is not at its worst.

4. Chunky Heels

Choosing the right shoes can sometimes be tricky during the cold months of the year. Ideally, you want something that gives you more traction in the slippery conditions. If you need something that is also fashionable, go with a chunky heel to keep your footing secure and your style chic.

5. Slim Pants

Your choice of pants can also make a difference in how comfortable and stylish you feel this winter. Try wearing pants that have a slim profile to give yourself fewer instances of cold air penetrating your skin. You can pair your slim pants with warm sweaters or tops to finish your look.

6. Scarves

There’s no better accessory in the winter that helps you look great and stay cozy than a cute scarf. You can try lighter infinity scarves for indoor wear to coordinate with a great outfit, or opt for something knitted and heavier when the temperatures begin plummeting.

7. Riding Boots

Another way to keep your feet warm is with a great pair of tall riding boots. Navigate the sidewalks when they’re filled with hazards like snow and ice and look great while doing so. You can even choose a pair of warm boot socks to keep your toes from getting a chill.

10 Ways to Look Great While Staying Warm This Winter
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8. Patterned Leggings

This time of year is also perfect for your patterned leggings. Warm patterned leggings make the perfect companion to a pair of tall boots. Their slim profile helps you show off your shape no matter how chilly the temperature is outside this year. This look is perfectly paired up with a long tunic or oversized sweater.

9. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are also a great option for those looking for winter footwear. If you need a shoe that has a lower profile than the typical tall boot, booties may be what you’re looking for. This look is a top choice for outfits featuring slim or skinny pants. You can also wear your favorite skirts and leggings with the right type of ankle boot from online store Tobi.

10. Fitted Coat

Finally, when you’re ready to brave the elements, do it in style. Choose a sleek fitted coat to go over your winter outfit this season, and stay protected from the elements. Be sure to pick something that fits well to avoid looking too lumpy when you’re out and about.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s time to temporarily pause your sense of style. Feel beautiful each day, no matter how cold it is outside, by choosing warm fashion pieces that flatter your figure and enhance your chic look.

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