Reception Review: Make Sure Your Wedding Day is Remembered

Everyone dreams that their wedding will be a magical, memorable day; preferably not just for the bride and groom, but to all the guests who attend. With the number of weddings people attend every year, it might seem daunting to try to make yours the one that stands out above the rest. But you can make sure your reception is special and ensure that it will be a day that is never forgotten. Here are some tips to put your reception above the rest.

Reception Review: Make Sure Your Wedding Day is Remembered
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An Unforgettable Reception

There are ways to spice up your reception to keep it memorable, and one of the best ways is to get your guests involved. Think about renting proper event venues or even specific wedding venues so you can decorate and adjust it to your needs. You can do a quiz game with every table as a different team, or open the mic later in the night for some celebratory karaoke. Use social media to keep your guests feeling engaged by assigning a hashtag to your big day and encouraging people to update their social network pages via smartphones or laptops. Instead of a guest book, set up a photo area and ask a friend to take pictures and record videos to you and your partner from your friends and family. Your guests will always remember your unique venue and feel included in your day of celebration.

When the Night Ends

Favors are a classic staple of the wedding experience, but you don’t want your carefully curated favor to wind up tucked in the back of the junk drawer at the end of the night. Make your favor something unexpected and fun, such as artisan soaps for your out of town guests to use at their hotel, cookies in the shape of your monogram, or even a small book of poems or a short story that is meaningful to you (some bookstores will sell to you in bulk). Even if your favor is eaten or used at the end of the night, it won’t be easily forgotten. Once the honeymoon is over, you can remind your guests of their wonderful experience with a Thank You card. Use one of the pictures of them taken at the reception to make a card or include it in the note to help them remember what a great time they had.

If you help your guests make their own memories as they celebrate with you, your wedding is a night they are sure to never forget.

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