Some Common Plumbing Issues that Necessitate Immediate Attention

Clogged or dirty drains could completely mess up your plumbing systems. On certain occasions, you could consider using some DIY plumbing techniques for tackling those issues. However, major issues need immediate professional inspection and prompt services. Any plumbing problem needs to be examined thoroughly for accurate diagnosis. A wrong diagnosis and incorrect fix could lead to unnecessary complications. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems that would be requiring prompt resolution using the efficient and professional services of a plumbing repair company.

Some Common Plumbing Issues that Necessitate Immediate Attention
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Clogged Toilet

Often clogged toilets could be resolved by using the plunger only, but things could be really serious if your kid has dumped something like a LEGO set and flushed it. This sort of toilet clogging needs immediate professional intervention. Toilets are used frequently in any home and any clogging or other plumbing issue related to the toilets need immediate resolution. Any sort of toilet clog must be addressed at once and fixed. This would be preventing an overflow of water and the associated potential health hazards.

Burst Pipes or Flooding

Due to extreme cold conditions, pipes might freeze in the frosty winter nights. Pipes could freeze when the temperature dips very low and they could even burst when you try turning on the water the next time. Apart from winter, some underground pipes may even burst during the summer season. Burst pipes whether in winter or in summer would lead to unwanted flooding and other plumbing issues that require professional inspection and assistance. You must get in touch with any reliable 24-hour plumber who provides round-the-clock repair & plumbing services to both businesses and homeowners. Plumbers who offer 24×7 assistance are best contacted in times of plumbing emergencies as they are trained, competent and experienced enough to tackle these emergencies in an effective and a timely manner.

Water Heater or Boiler Issues

Who would enjoy cold showers? You may, however, be compelled to do so if your water heater or boiler breaks down. These appliances mostly are located in garages and basements and are often exposed to debris and dust over time and this could lead to a leakage or even have combustible items which could buildup. The lack of proper care and maintenance could make these petty plumbing issues into non-functional ones and sometimes it could lead to a perilous fire hazard.

Faulty Pipes

Faulty pipes could be culminating in a host of plumbing issues, especially in the relatively older homes which would still be using galvanized pipes. Plumbing issues are present in houses that have a leaking or corroded plumbing systems and pipes. You may opt for pipe replacement for your own comfort and safety. You could use the different types of pipes including plastic pipe, galvanized steel pipes, ABS pipes PVC pipes, or even CPVC which is a wonderful substitute for copper mostly in the hot water pipes. PEX is supposed to be truly versatile and could be utilized for both cold and hot water. It surely is a fantastic substitute for copper.

Installation of a New Plumbing Fixture

Do not ever get carried away by the thought that installation of toilet, sinks, faucets and any other fixtures could be very simple and easy task. Remember that some of the plumbing emergencies are consequences of DIY projects that go wrong. It is a good idea to hire a professional plumber for all sorts of plumbing installation projects. Sufficient water flow is vital to a properly working plumbing system. This is, especially, a key aspect while carrying out a renovation job involving plumbing work. It is mandatory for the drains to be in great condition if you are planning to install any new plumbing fixture whether in your kitchen or your bathroom. The supply pipes must be leak-free, clear, corrosion-free and definitely, securely placed.


Remember that all kinds of plumbing emergencies, installation of new fixtures, indications of clogged drains or even poor water flow/supply must be addressed immediately by plumbing experts. This would be saving you immense time and substantial repair costs.

Author Bio: Alan Hooper is a plumbing expert and the owner of a top-notch firm for all plumbing and construction solutions. He suggests you find a 24-hour plumber near you for the solution to all your needs.

Some Common Plumbing Issues that Necessitate Immediate Attention
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