What Women Want: A Guide to Having the Best Self-Care Day Ever

Life can easily wear a woman down. Between the demands of home, work and family life, it’s hard to figure out when it’s possible to have a little time for self-care. When it’s time to get on an airplane, the flight attendant famously reminds everyone to put their safety mask on first before helping others. The same applies to self-care. It’s important to routinely complete acts of self-care to keep the body in working order. Consider these ways a woman can have the best self-care day ever.

What Women Want: A Guide to Having the Best Self-Care Day Ever
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While it is possible to log on to YouTube and learn how to do a pedicure, it’s a beautiful experience when a woman can walk into a nail salon, relax and allow someone else to do the hard work for her. It’s also nice to look down and see polished feet and fingernails. Indulge in the act of pampering. A trip to the spa for a massage and a facial are indulgent experiences. Just make sure that the option allows the brain and body to unwind for a little while.


Delectable food is good for the soul. It’s one thing to whip up a meal on the go for the family. However, it’s really nice to sit down in peace and quiet to enjoy a gourmet meal. It’s nice to enjoy the textures and flavors of a meal without worrying about the need to rush off to the next item on the agenda. During a day of self-care, it’s good to reserve some time to enjoy a favorite meal and eat it slowly. This one meal will be a memorable experience.


The human body wasn’t made to go on all cylinders. It was designed to work and then rest. If there’s been a lack of rest for an extended period of time, a woman’s hormones, weight and overall health can get out of whack. If this happens to you, then you may want to consider going to consider seeing someone who specializes in women’s health, such as Modern Therapy, and possibly getting a prescription or supplements to help you feel more yourself. Other than that, it’s wise to get some rest. Take some time during the day of self-care to lie down in a relaxing area and take a good nap. Don’t set the timer either. Just allow the body to wake up naturally when it wants to.


Most women love the idea of indulging in themselves and their wants, which is why many often crave going on a shopping spree. In moderation, this actually isn’t a bad thing to do. However, if standing in long lines doesn’t sound appealing, pull out the tablet or smartphone and go shopping from the comfort of the couch. It’ll be nice to purchase a beautiful personal item without thinking about what the spouse or children need. Focus on yourself for this one round of shopping.

These four components of the best self-care day will look different for every woman. As long as the tips are personalized and executed correctly, any woman can gleefully look back at her self-care day and pencil in the next date

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