Get Your Start in Healthcare: Medical Career Ideas for Informed Women

An industry that’s always growing and expanding is the medical field. People from birth to old age will always need a doctor for their ailments. Becoming a traditional doctor, however, takes considerable time and effort in college. This career can take eight years or more to even begin. If you want to start your healthcare career now, explore these pathways that can really make a difference.

Get Your Start in Healthcare: Medical Career Ideas for Informed Women
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Try an Internship

An internship is essentially a volunteer position in any medical facility. You might work in a hospital, doctor’s office or clinic. An internship is normally unpaid, but there are some exceptions. Simply locate a facility with a need for volunteers while offering some training classes. It’s possible to break into the medical world through this pathway. You’ll meet professionals, learn from them and possibly find a mentor as a result.

Learn to Code

Another way to break into healthcare is learning to code. Medical coding is the process of translating doctor’s notes into categorized information. This data can be inputted into computers where it’s billed and quantified even further. Learning to code is normally a hands-on skill that’s passed down from experienced personnel. It’s possible to become an intern and learn the coding technique. These workers are always necessary in the medical industry.

Use Transferable Skills

Medical offices require clerical staff in large numbers. There are countless files, laboratory reports and other paperwork that must be organized on a daily basis. If you have any clerical experience, it can translate into a medical-office job. Some schools, like the Interactive College of Technology, realize that as you learn the intricacies of the medical office, these skills can also be placed on your resume. At the end of a year’s worth of work, you’ll have plenty of experience to apply toward another job that might be more tailored to your talents.

Consider Online Courses

You may not have very much experience in any work-related field. In this situation, consider online classes that focus on the medical industry. Medical assisting can be taken online, for instance. You might take a few classes, and apply for an entry-level position at a medical office. With your classes being taken at night or on the weekend, the office can hire you with hands-on experience as your employment perk.

Try to network with medical professionals as much as possible. These experts have seen various positions and watched the industry change over time. Ask them about their opinions regarding medical-industry jobs. In only a few months, you may find yourself in a job that’s rewarding and exciting at the same time.

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