10 Effective Tips For After Gym Skin Care

Exercising regularly makes your skin glow. It sounds cliché but is true. Unfortunately it can cause skin problems if one doesn’t follow proper skin care routine. Truth be told. Sweat and dirt can clog pores leading to problems like pimples, blackheads, acne, etc. You make your body fit with working out so, let’s make sure that it stays happy and healthy afterwards too. Below listed are a few amazing tips for you to follow, and make you look healthy and beautiful after workout.

10 Effective Tips For After Gym Skin Care
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#10. Hands Off

Exercising is a great way of detoxifying your body, but touching the same equipments and machines all day long transfers bacteria onto your skin. Try not to touch your face during or after a workout. Always tie your hair back otherwise the hair products you use may drop down to your face with sweat, clogging the pores and initiating breakouts.


#9. Be Gentle

Being too aggressive with the skin is another mistake that people commit after exercising. Too much exfoliation after gym can dehydrate your skin, lead to eczema or exacerbate acne. Use a gentle soap and shampoo for bathing after gym, no matter how much sweat has run down your temples. Gently clean yourself after the bath, even rubbing vigorously can cause rashes and breakdown.

#8. Limit the Shower Time

Once you are out of the gym, it’s important to take out your sweaty clothes and clean yourself. Take a shower after a break of 20 minutes, but your shower should not last too long. Your muscles are sore and you’re exhausted, but that doesn’t mean spend half an hour taking hot shower. Bathing with the hot water for too long will drain the vital oils from the skin leaving your skin red, dry and itchy.


#7. Rehydrate

After working out and showering, it’s important to restore the lost moisture from the skin. The best time to rehydrate your skin it after the shower. Hydrate your skin after the shower with good moisturizers and body lotions. Use a high quality, fast-absorbing nutrient rich product with vitamin A, E and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid based moisturizers and lotions restore the lost moisture and stimulate collagen production.

#6. Drink-Up 

Hydrate your body, it is required badly by the body after performing any fitness program. But do not drink immediately after the workout, wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Let your heart rate come to normal. Water is a great hydrator but you can drink other beverages too that provide hydration and energy to your body.

#5. Protect Your Skin

After a workout when you leave the gym and head out, protect your skin with essential products. Apply sunscreen irrespective of the season. Cover almost all the exposed parts with a sunscreen. A good sunscreen with adequate UVB and UVA protection is must for the skin to prevent it from tanning and sunburns. If you experience redness on your skin after a workout, then use a sunscreen with soothing ingredients like white tea, chamomile and bisabolol. These are calming agents that  take off the pressure from capillaries.

#4. Steaming

Well, if possible and accessible, then there is nothing better than spending some time in a steam room. The steam is effective at removing impurities and cleaning the pores. Your hair will receive some nourishment too in the form of moisturization. An added bonus is relaxation of those strained muscles.

#3. Wipes

If you sweat profusely, keep body cleansing wipes handy to wipe down your skin during the workout. But don’t overdo it, it can cause inflammation. Or even better, just pat with the wipes. Rubbing can irritate the skin. It is a wise investment, believe me.

#2. Foot Care

Most of us ignore our feet despite the fact that these should be handled very well. These remain within shoes most of the times, sweat badly and often not aired properly. Whether or not you use a foot deodorizer, remove shoes after a while of completing your workout. Wash them or after bathing, air them and apply a moisturizer.

#1. No Makeup

For makeup lovers. Those who are fond of living with it should ditch immediately for the sake of their skin when working out. It is known for suffocating the skin and is suicidal for the health of the skin. Pores clogged with sweat and grime can get you negative results. Don’t want that right. Go natural instead.

Now that you know these tips, just follow them and get ready to have a never seen before glow.

About the Author
Rebecca Dawson is a fitness coach with a masters degree from the Univ. Her passion revolves around encouraging others rediscover their lifestyle and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle. Her keen interest in health can be seen in her writing. You can read her views on the use of tea tree oil soap, body wipes and sports specific products.

10 Effective Tips For After Gym Skin Care
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