50 Billion Hamburgers a Year: Why is This Meat & Bread Concoction so Popular?

Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s serve billions of hamburgers each year. These beef and bread sandwiches have been iconic in American culture.  They also are recognized and eaten throughout the world. Here is what makes hamburgers so popular and why so many people eagerly consume them each year.

50 Billion Hamburgers a Year: Why is This Meat & Bread Concoction so Popular?
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Easy to Eat

Hamburgers are very basic in their construction. Their simplicity makes them easy to eat and an entree in and of itself that complements the busy lifestyle most of us lead today.

You only need one hand to hold while eating a hamburger. You do not even need flatware or a plate to enjoy a hamburger on the go. A simple napkin is the only dinner accessory you need to enjoy a hamburger while you are out and about or enjoying an evening at home.


Publications like the Huffington Post point out that more than 50 million hamburgers are served each year. These sandwiches take all types of shapes and forms depending on from what eatery you order your hamburger or even if you make them at home.

Hamburgers, like those from Nancy’s Hand Crafted Burger’s, are versatile and can incorporate any number of ingredients depending on how fancy and flavorful you prefer yours to be. You can make a basic beef patty. Alternatively, as culinary resources like Food suggests, you can include ingredients like Worcestershire sauce and bread crumbs to make a type of meatloaf patty.


As simple as a hamburger may be in its construction, it is a satisfying and fulfilling entree that can quiet the most ravenous of appetites. You get the benefit of both meat and grain servings with this sandwich. Even if you do not order fries with it, you still get a meal that will fill your tummy and keep you sated for hours.


Finally, hamburgers have a nostalgia factor that you cannot find with many other foods. They recall the simple days of your childhood when you enjoyed cookouts with your parents. They also may have saved you from starvation during your leanest days in college.

The nostalgia behind every hamburger that you enjoy keeps you coming back for more. Each sandwich gives you another opportunity to create more memories as an adult and with your spouse and children.

Hamburgers hold their place at the top of the food chain with their flavorful construction and simplistic appeal. They satisfy billions of appetites each year. By understanding how they became to be an iconic entree, you may feel more at ease about your own love for hamburgers.

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