Here Are 6 Surprising Ways a New Mattress Could Improve Your Health

Getting proper sleep is essential for your overall good health and wellness. It’s been reported that typical humans sleep through a third of their life. It therefore stands to reason that you should put a lot of thought into buying the right mattress. Your decision will determine how restful your night is and consequently, how productive the following day will be.

Here are a few of the ways in which a high-quality mattress and, by extension, high-quality sleep is beneficial to your overall health.

Here Are 6 Surprising Ways a New Mattress Could Improve Your Health
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Improved immune system

Getting adequate amounts of sleeps gives your body time to build up a strong defense against illnesses and infections. Conversely, tossing and turning in bed because you’re sleeping on a poor quality mattress diminishes your body’s capacity to fight off disease. Poor sleeping cycles have also been strongly linked with increased risk of diabetes and disruption of cardiovascular processes such as regulation of blood sugar and blood pressure.

Reduced allergic reactions

Your old mattress is infested with dust mites and mold, both of which are common triggers for allergic reactions that affect close to 50 million Americans. Most people don’t even realize that their mattress is the reason behind their mild allergy symptoms, including sneezing and watery eyes. Many people have remedied their indoor allergies after buying a new mattress.

Relief from back, neck and joint pains

If you’re prone to pain in your neck, back and joints, you should consider getting a new mattress with medium-firm support. It helps by adjusting itself to the natural curves and your spine and body, and it brings lasting relief for joint pains, especially just after you wake up. Nectar mattress reviews suggest getting a bed topper for ultra-firm mattresses.

Better memory retention

While you sleep, your brain works to solidify new information that you have gained and everything you have learnt, integrating it with what you already know. For instance, when you practice something difficult or study a hard topic one day, performing  the same task or understanding the same concept should be easier the next day after having a good night’s sleep.

Healthier weight

Among the common effects of sleep deprivation is loss of muscle mass and weight gain. The reason for this is your body’s metabolism and sleep are both regulated by the same region of the brain. Sleep deprivation leads to an increase in appetite hormones, making you eat more. Late night snacks and poor eating impulse control results in weight problems.

Improved concentration

Studies have found that children who fail to get the recommended seven hours of quality sleep every night were more likely to exhibit inattentiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. Left unchecked, this can result in behavior observed in children suffering from attention deficit disorder.

Sleeping for the recommended hours always ensures that your central nervous system has time to create the necessary neural pathways and connections that are responsible for effective psychomotor skills. Failure to get enough sleep can also lead to microsleep incidents that can be dangerous, especially if you’re driving.


Sujain Thomas has worked as a sales manager in the home furniture industry for 13 years. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to bedroom furniture, as well as Nectar mattress reviews among others.

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