6 Spots In Your Home That Might Be Disgusting

Homes contain dust, germs, and dirt. Each room in the house has a spot where these microscopic threats to your health collect, but they are also spread throughout the house when ductwork is left uncleaned. Learning about which areas to give attention to and keeping a regular cleaning schedule will give you a healthier home. Discover the following six places you shouldn’t miss when you are ready to clean your home.

Doorknobs and Light Switches

6 Spots In Your Home That Might Be Disgusting
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Any place in the home that is regularly touched by hands will be dirty. Doorknobs and light switches are constantly touched as you move throughout your home, but they are small and can be easily overlooked on cleaning day. As germs collect on your hands, especially during cold and flu season, they get transferred to everything you touch and then shared with whomever touches that knob or switch next.

Air Ducts

Dust particles, pollen, and many other allergens tend to collect in air ducts over time. Ductwork that is left uncleaned can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks. In addition to these respiratory issues, uncleaned air ducts lead to inefficient heating and cooling and shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system. Duct-cleaning services are easy to schedule and will do wonders for the cleanliness of your home.

Kitchen Sink Drain 

We often allow remnants of food to collect in the kitchen sink when washing dishes and preparing food. You can easily think that as you use soap on dishes and your hands in the sink, you clean the drain and kill the germs, but this practice is a recipe for bacteria growth.

Germs thrive in the food, moisture, and warmth in the sink. A combination solution of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water poured down the drain can help kill any collected bacteria.

Base of the Toilet

The unseen places of the home are often the dirtiest. You regularly clean the parts of the toilet that you see every day, but how often do you clean the base and the floor around the toilet? These areas fill with bacteria and germs, and the steamy environment of the bathroom encourages their growth.

Make it a practice to clean all parts of the toilet once a week, including those easily forgotten. This cleaning regimen will not only make your bathroom a healthier environment, but it will also make the room smell nicer.


When handling food in the kitchen, you can remind yourself to wipe down the countertop with disinfectant cleaner, especially if you’re preparing raw meat or cutting vegetables on its surface. Cooking on the stove can lead to juices from uncooked meat splashing from the pan, so you should also clean this area well and often. A regular, post-cooking wipe down with any bacteria-fighting solution of your choice will keep your stovetop a safer place for handling food and your kitchen a cleaner place to cook.

Add these six spots to your regular cleaning chore list, and your home will quickly become a safer, healthier environment for everyone under your roof. Additionally, schedule a professional HVAC system maintenance visit to make sure that dirt and dust aren’t being circulated throughout your home.

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