Opting for Ladies Netball Competition for The Fitness Required

Netball is considered as the number one sport especially for ladies. You have this game played in various countries like England, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Jamaica, Fiji and more. This game has managed to become popular with the passing of time and it also offers multiple benefits to the players. This is one game which requires not only a high level of speed but skill too. We will first go through the many benefits you are offered once you decide to go in for the ladies netball competition.

Opting for Ladies Netball Competition for The Fitness Required
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  1. This game does not allow domination by a single individual. The players tend to work as a tighter unit as compared to any other sports as specific players are assigned specific places with only three seconds to decide where and to whom to pass the ball.
  2. With all the positions being different, an individual can try out different things at different times.
  3. With different things to be learnt the training sessions of this ladies netball gives you an opportunity to learn different positions and other tactics required. You need to learn team timings which can be complicated, advanced skills for handling of the ball, SAQ training and polymeric. All that can be said as training is as interesting as the game itself.
  4. Players do not even realize they are exercising while playing this game. After a short span of time, you feel you have developed more stamina and do not tire easily.
  5. This game has players’ passing the ball to members of their own team with techniques which can help to goal. This leads to good eye and hand co ordination. The team members are required to catch the ball even if flung high by a member. In totality, this game gives you an opportunity to exercise in the right manner.
  6. Opting to play this game, you have a chance of meeting and interacting with ladies of the similar interests. Life is interesting as you can socialize and learn more.
  7. Boosting your confidence gets easier as with each throw and pass done, you know you are good at jumping and using your hands.
  8. You tend to get toughened with all the injuries you face while playing this game. Besides losing all the accumulated fat gets easier as playing is one exercise which helps in multiple ways.

Netball Game Objective:

The main object of playing this game of netball is to score more goals than the opposite team. These goals are scored when the netball is passed on to the team member who is positioned in the shooting circle. He/she can then shoot the ball through the ring and score the required goal.

Opting for Ladies Netball Competition for The Fitness Required
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Requirements of Netball Competition:

When deciding on footwear, all the ladies participating in this game need to wear sports shoes which are appropriate for this game. You need to be aware that spiked shoes are a big ‘NO’. Uniforms are registered with the initials of the playing positions. These position initials need to be above the waist both back and front. The only jewellery allowed is the wedding ring or the bracelet for medical alert. The fingernails need to be smooth and short.

Opting to play this game just for fun, can relax you, but entering netball competitions, you need to put in hard work and a daily practice session. For all those who have been playing this game even for a short time, netball works more as passion than sports. You find the required support not only with your team members but also with the coaches. You can say ‘netball is one big family’ who shares their happiness with each goal and sorrow with each loss.

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