Make A Buck Or Two From Your Healthy Habits

If you’ve devoted your life to taking care of your health, then chances are you’ve picked up a good tip or two. You might even have solved one or two problems that other women would love some help with. Have you ever thought of starting your own business? We all love a role model with proven results. And most of us would be willing to pay for it if you really know your stuff!

So where have your healthy habits got you? Well, first you had to do a lot of research to find out more about your problems and the potential solutions. Then you might have spent even more time researching and experimenting with ideas to make things better. Most of us don’t have that time, energy, or tenacity to spare. But if you’ve devoted your life to it, then why not share what you’ve learned.

Over time, you might even have logged your results. You might have taken notes, photos, or asked others if they could see a difference. Maybe you kept a journal that detailed your high points as well as those frustrating setbacks. This stuff is gold! If you can share it, you might find yourself ready for a major career change. So what else can you do?


Training And Certification

Having experience is one thing. Have formal specialist qualifications instills confidence in your clients. It will also help you gain the confidence you need to really get going with this career move. Start by talking to some of the therapists or instructors you’ve met along the way. Where did they train and what qualifications have they achieved. You can also do some research online with simple search terms.

Make A Buck Or Two From Your Healthy Habits
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If you’ve solved a few of your own beauty problems over the year, think about training to become a professional esthetician. If you add some training in beauty procedures, you can command a higher salary and even work in medical practices. Whet your appetite for this line of work with a look at to see just how much you might earn here. And, of course, you can always go into business for yourself.

Make A Buck Or Two From Your Healthy Habits
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Specialist treatments are very desirable right now. And if you can solve typical problem skin issues, chances are your business will be very busy. Working with faces requires a lot of empathy and sensitivity to issues that can be quite upsetting too. You would need to have very good people skills and be naturally kind and considerate of people’s feelings. This is why it can be easier working for a business rather than running one where you need to actively market your services.



Anyone that has had to go through weight loss knows just how difficult it can be to ensure your body receives all the nutrition it needs. Just balancing protein, carbs, and vitamins can be a challenge! Of course, many nutritionists have developed amazing diet plans over the years. If you’ve got a trick or two to satiate ravenous appetites or give weight loss a boost, then your services may be in much demand!

Nutrition is a science, and there is a formal academic route to qualification. You might go all the way and obtain a Ph.D.! Dietary advice can often be tied into medical requirements as well. This is why it is best to ensure you are fully qualified to dispense advice at this level. Of course, much of your advice will be about introducing healthy eating habits into family life. This basic approach is one of the most underappreciated parts of the nutritionist’s job. How can you motivate a family to make a change? And how can you encourage them to stick with healthy options during their busiest times?



Making a move to a healthy diet might go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and fitness are essential components of any healthy lifestyle. If you’ve tried every workout program going but found your own select exercises delivered better results, you might be on track to create your own fitness program. To get started with qualifying for the role, have a look at personal fitness instructor programs.

Make A Buck Or Two From Your Healthy Habits
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Sports science is another area that might interest you. Fitness instructors often work for themselves even when they operate from a sports complex. Sports scientists are often hired by sports teams. They help develop customized exercises and approaches to fitness for athletes. Some of the work might include injury prevention and treatment. If this interests you, then why not look into qualifying? This career is rewarding and well-paid, but it can be competitive to get into.


Lifestyle Coach

Of course, a culmination of all these things is found in the work of the lifestyle coach. You might specialise in areas of beauty and fashion. Or maybe your area of expertise is geared toward diet and fitness? Lifestyle coaches motivate their clients to make the changes in their lives that will bring the results they want. This can even include careers and relationships. Have a look at websites like to find tips for motivating people. If you’re someone that has made big changes to their own lifestyle, you’re more than qualified to get started.

Make A Buck Or Two From Your Healthy Habits
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There are, of course, training programs and qualifications you can follow to get into this line of work. It might help you to build confidence in your own abilities as a coach. Beyond this, the bulk of your clients will come to you because they’ve heard good things about you. Most of this is about your personality. If you’re a helpful and friendly person that is willing to listen to clients, you’re going to be successful.

Your healthy habits have taken years to develop. You’ve spent time and resources getting to this point. Sure, the road might be long, and you have a way to go yet. But that doesn’t stop you pursuing the chance to make a buck or two as you go. Does a career with one of these jobs sound appealing to you? See what you can achieve today for a career opportunity tomorrow.

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