Most Effective Diet Plans Ever For Faster and Healthier Weight Loss

With the increasing concerns of health related issues, the world is waking up to the need for staying healthy and fit. According to a recent CNBC report, there are approximately 2.2 billion people who are either obese or overweight. By the way, this whopping figure constitutes 30% of the world population. This isn’t a good sign at all considering the fact that obesity is the leading cause of heart disease, strokes and other life-threatening diseases. Part of the reason for this state of affairs is the changing lifestyle of people across the globe, which has impacted their lives in many ways.

Most Effective Diet Plans Ever For Faster and Healthier Weight Loss
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If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, then it is pertinent for you more than ever to find a perfect diet plan. That said there are hundreds of them on the market of whom many claim that they will magically reduce your body weight in a matter of days. However, some of them are indeed effective, but getting hold of them remains a challenge for you. The internet is flood with millions of health tips that often seem to be conflicting with many others, only leaving you more confused. So, the key question is: which ones are the most effective diet plans that can give you tangible results in less time?

Here are some of them:


The DASH diet plan basically constitutes fruits, vegetables, low or non-fat dairy products. In addition to that this plan includes whole grains, lean meats, fish, nuts and beans. According to the U.S. News & World Report, DASH diet is ranked best diet for 7th year in a row. It is an ideal diet for diabetes, heart health and healthy eating. Although DASH diet was originally created for reducing blood pressure, but its effectiveness has made it one of the best plans for weight loss. It has 14 days of meal plan for vegetarians and a separate 14 days plan for meat-eaters as well. Since it relies heavily on natural foods (fruits and vegetables), it keeps a balanced amount of protein intake. Furthermore, the people who are suffering from severe hypertension and can’t stop medication, the DASH diet can help them improve response to medication.

Military Diet

The Military diet is also known as the 3-day diet, which helps you reduce 10 pounds in a week. It is world’s most popular diets and involves 3-day meal plan followed by 4 days off. It was apparently designed by the nutritionists in the US military with an aim to get soldiers in good shape quickly. This plan is divided into 2 phases over a period of seven days and the total calorie intake in these phases is approximately 1,100 – 1,400 calories per day. Experts say that these cycles are repeated several times over until you reach your desired weight goal. If you see reviews on the military diet, you will know that it indeed helps lose several pounds in a short duration of time, like only a week. The military diet seems a safe option for an average person since it is of too short duration to render a lasting harm, while it definitely does help lose weight due to low calorie intake.

Low-Carb Diet

Low-carbs are highly popular for a long time, particularly for weight loss. The low-carb plan involves the limiting carb intake; i.e, 20 – 150 grams per day. The rationale behind this is you force your body to use more fats for fuel rather than using carbs as the main energy source. In this plan you are required to eat higher amounts of protein and fat, while effectively limiting your carb intake. Many studies have also suggested that low-carb diets are helpful for weight loss, particularly for obese people. Other benefit of low-carb diet is that it reduces your appetite thereby making you feel less hungry; however, the downside is it doesn’t suit everyone.

TLC Diet

TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) diet is a profound plan for effectively lowering cholesterol. It is essentially a plan for making lifestyle changes that include diet, exercise and weight loss. This plan was first recommended by National Cholesterol Educational Program by U.S. National Institute of Health. It is a fact that the people who are most successful in using diet changes are the ones who lose excess weight. This plan is also endorsed by American Heart Association. The primary focus of TLC diet is to reduce the amount of saturated fats in your food since saturated fats elevates your cholesterol levels. Therefore, this diet requires that you should eat specific amounts of different types of foods. Experts also recommend soluble fiber which is found in foods in oats, beans and fruits.

Atkins Diet

Originally propounded by a well known cardiologist Dr. Robert C. Atkins, Atkins Diet is basically a low carbohydrate diet, which is usually recommended for weight loss. This plan has multiple phases for weight loss and its maintenance. It is also called Atkins Nutritional Approach.  The main focus of Atkins diet is the intake of right balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats for effective weight loss and health. This plan is also recommended in type2 diabetes and heart diseases. Just like many other diet plans, Atkins diet continues to evolve. Moreover, the different phases of Atkins diet are: Induction, Balancing, Pre-maintenance (or fine tuning), and Life-time maintenance. The foods that you need to avoid while following this plan are: sugars, grains, vegetable oils, trans-fats, high-carb vegetables, starches, and legumes.

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Suzanne is independent health care industry analyst & speaker and entrepreneur.  She has two little cute children. Having hands-on experience in health, she has answer to all your health related queries. She loves to share her thoughts by writing article and discussion with people.  She is also contributor on Esprittoday.

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