Natural Skincare Alternatives That Will Boost Your Beauty

Our skin is often seen as just an outer layer that we need to care for. We’ll slap makeup on it, rub all kinds of creams and oils onto it and hope that it has an effect. But let’s pose a question; would you do that to your heart? Would you smear creams and makeup all over your inner organs? Didn’t think so!


You might find it strange to ask that question, but people seem to forget that our skin is actually an organ. In fact, it’s the body’s largest organ. When you consider it’s a giant sheet that covers our body and knows how to heal itself, it becomes rather freaky. So in order to change the way that you look after your skin, we’ve put together a few tips for natural skin care alternatives that will improve your skincare routine.

Natural Skincare Alternatives That Will Boost Your Beauty
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Argan Oil

Argan oil is found in Morocco and has been used there for many generations as a healing oil. It’s rich in vitamin A and E which means its’ rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and linoleic acid. These ingredients help give argan oil its moisturizing properties, but it also creates a beautiful shine for your hair. All you need is a small dab of argan oil on your skin or hair twice a day in order to heal things like acne, rough skin, dry patches and even eczema. It leaves your skin looking beautiful, radiant, smooth and youthful.


Natural Serums

Not every product on store shelves is filled with artificial ingredients. For instance, niacinamide serum can be bought online and offers some fantastic benefits. It can improve skin tone, fade discolouration and even enhance elasticity, all while being made from natural and organic ingredients. In other words, products you buy from stores are acceptable, just make sure they’re actually natural and not pretending to be.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many surprising benefits for the skin. It’s also a versatile food item which makes it even more interesting. It contains antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties, making it similar to a cure-all but for your skin. It strengthens your skin and helps to remove dead skin cells, much like an exfoliator. Let’s not forget that coconut oil is also a good alternative to most traditional cooking oils, so keep a jar in your kitchen to use for both health and skin purposes!


Aloe Vera

A natural skin care product that you can grow in your backyard? It sounds too good to be true, but aloe vera really is a wonderful plan that you can raise in your backyard. It helps to treat many common skin conditions such as sunburn and acne, but can also be used to moisturise your skin. It can also be used to heal small cuts and scratches thanks to its healing properties. Aloe vera can also be found in many natural skincare products, but there’s nothing quite like snipping off some of the plant and applying it directly to your skin.

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