How You Can Make A Picture-Perfect Birthday Present

Children’s birthdays are fairly simple to plan, since they know exactly what theme they want for their party, what cake they want to eat and what presents they want to receive. It’s much more difficult to plan for an adult’s birthday, especially when it comes to what to buy them as a present — you want to give something thoughtful and heartfelt, without buying anything that they have already bought for themselves. One of your best choices for this tricky situation is to give them a gift that captures the fun and excitement of another big birthday.


How You Can Make A Picture-Perfect Birthday Present
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You should organize a special photoshoot to commemorate their birthday taken by a professional photographer—or at least, taken by someone with a high-quality camera. Stage a festive background full of bright balloons, colorful streamers dangling from the ceiling or other party supplies. If they don’t mind getting a little messy, they should do a cake smash photoshoot—this is a lighthearted photoshoot originally designed for infants celebrating their birthdays. Many adults are now making their own cake smash pictures, where they play with an icing coated cake and a bottle of sparkling wine.

Other photoshoot ideas that you could arrange:

  • They could blow out lit candles on their cake to make a wish
  • They could spell out their age with lit sparklers
  • They could throw confetti in the air or shoot a confetti gun
  • They could write out their age in chalk, marker or paint on a surface
  • They could pop the cork off a bottle of Champagne

How You Can Make A Picture-Perfect Birthday Present
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You can preserve the joy of this birthday moment by turning that photoshoot into a printed package with the help of the website photoroost. The creative website helps you make custom calendars and photo albums—you can follow their templates to make a mini book, a wall calendar or a family yearbook. All you have to do is arrange photo layout, customize the design and then have it delivered to your home. If you are commemorating someone’s birthday photoshoot, you should invest in a minibook for a short but sleek album of the special occasion.

Another interesting idea for your minibook present would be to take pictures of the birthday photoshoot and place them alongside pictures from previous birthdays. This is usually called a now and then photo to emphasize the passage of a long period of time, especially when using an image from early childhood. If you can find a birthday image going back from every year of their life, you can make a wonderful timeline with the minibook.

Make someone feel special by setting up a personal birthday photoshoot and preserving those pictures in a beautiful mini book. Their lovely present will help them look back and remember the joy and elation that they felt while taking those pictures. Adults often feel pressured to dread the idea of growing another year older, so it will be a fantastic change to make them feel free to celebrate their birthday.

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