We drink it in parties, after a long day of work, or at a fancy dinner, wine always makes our celebration twice as much enjoyable. Apart from the pleasure of drinking wine, there are numerous health benefits of drinking wine. Wine acts as a medicine when it comes to decreasing the mortality rate or in attacking the cancer cells. A moderate amount of wine can be really good for the health and skin of the body.

The appropriatemeasure of wine to be consumed is a 5-ounce pour. However, drinking wine in higher limits will only risk in health hazards, clinically approved amount benefits the health.

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Advantages that wine brings with it

Wine is not only good for the heart but it has more health benefits than you have ever imagined in your life. Here are some of the major health advantages offered by wine.

1. You improve your immune system

When you moderately drink wine on a daily basis, you boost your immune system (it does not mean that you stop taking your vitamins). Consumption of alcohol at moderate levels keeps infections away from you. Although, you should keep in check that you are taking the wine in a clinically approved amount because excessive drinking can result in negative impacts and you may harm your immune system.

2. It contains antioxidants

Drinking Wine is one easy step to reduce health problems such as breast cancer. Wine contains antioxidants in anoptimum amount which attack free radicals. If you are looking for a wine that is full of antioxidants, choose awhite wine. Phenols present in white wine have more antioxidants as compared to red wine. This is contradictory because people who drink wine think that most benefits are gained from red wine.

3. Reduce your heart diseases

Moderate wine drinkers have a lower risk of high blood pressure as compared to non-drinkers. Studies prove that moderate wine drinkers reduce their risk of premature death by one-third. In fact, any kind of alcohol cuts heart diseases, however, those who drink wine are found to have the best health. It also lowers bad cholesterol. Wine protects the arteries from damage and helps in the prevention of blood clots. Wine also increases the levels of omega-3 fatty acids which protects the heart and keep blood circulation normal.

4. Increase the bone density

With the increasing age, brittleness in the bones also tends to increase. You may increase your calcium intake by drinking milk or you can relax by drinking wine. For building bone density, red wine is preferred over other sources because it possesses silicon which is helpful in building up of bone density. Consequently, you reduce the chances of getting prone to osteoporosis. Plus, you will get a good sleep throughout the night.

5. Prevents blindness

Resveratrol in red wine protects your eyesight which is caused by uncontrolled blood vessel growth in our eyes.

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