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6 Alternatives to Dancing for a Low-Key Reception

Usually when wedding receptions come to mind, most think of special lighting, a DJ or band, and a dance floor. However, it is not uncommon for some couples to prefer a low-key wedding without boisterous partying or non-stop dancing. If you are looking for a more intimate, quite reception, below are some helpful ideas for those about to enter married life in a more relaxed, laid-back manner.

6 Alternatives to Dancing for a Low-Key Reception

Daytime Wedding

Planning a daytime wedding is a great way to ensure a low-key reception. No one expects disco balls or the endless beat of the latest pop music at brunch. Couples may wish to consider having a morning wedding at around 11 o’clock and a picnic style, outdoor wedding reception. This is also a great idea if children will be in attendance, as they can run and play while adults socialize.


An enjoyable activity for a low-key reception is a drawing or raffle. Those in the wedding party can provide inexpensive but fun gifts, or even lottery tickets, and draw names from a hat and distribute the small prizes amongst the wedding guests. Offer other games in replacement for dancing, and make sure all ages can participate.

Timeless Favorites

If the wedding guests enjoy games, each table can set up its own version of charades, win, lose or draw, or even jeopardy. Such games can create a fun, lighthearted atmosphere in which virtually everyone can have a good time. Some Wedding Venues will even help you set up tables or other options for games that will rule out a dance floor. Some Event Venues even offer karaoke and other interactive games.

Art Lovers Wedding Reception

If the bride and groom are art lovers, consider a trend that is currently quite popular: hosting a wedding reception in an art gallery or museum. A caterer with drinks and hors d’oeuvres and the establishment itself are all that is needed. Guests can socialize in a quiet atmosphere while viewing lovely paintings and other works of art. Of course, it is important to check prices for such a reception, as the cost will vary considerably depending on the city in which the couple lives.

Bride and Groom Show and Tell

Another fun activity for a low-key wedding reception is to ask each guest to bring something that has to do with the bride or groom and share it with the wedding guests. Alternatively, each guest can tell a funny or heartwarming story about the newly married couple. Make this event more about talking, getting to know the guests and bonding over your shared family and love.

Sharing the Fun

If other married couples are in attendance, particularly those who have been married for many years, the master of ceremonies can go around the room and have each couple tell the group about a happy memory, and anniversary that stands out in their mind, or even a tip for a successful marriage. You’ll get lots of sage advice and you can get to know new family even better.

Weddings are always joyous events, and wedding receptions should be just as enjoyable. Anyone who prefers a low-key reception will likely find that choosing one of the options mentioned above will ensure the event is fun, interesting and relaxing for every guest on their list.

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