7 Ways To Keep The Romance Churning After Your First Year

Love and Romance are fuel to the fire called life! Life becomes twice as beautiful and exciting when shared with someone you love. But love is demanding; it demands efforts and it needs to be worked upon… every day and every moment of life. Both partners need to put in all they have, and more, to make the relationship a strong and fruitful companionship that adds meaning and joy.

A new relationship, or a new love, brings in a whirlwind of happy emotions and excitement. There is a rush within you and an energy that makes you feel and look brighter! Unfortunately, most couples lose this very rush and excitement after a few years. Sometimes, right after the first year of being in a relationship both partners start wondering… what next? It is human nature to keep looking for a change, a new turn or a just something new… in love it is the responsibility of the partners to bring in this ‘something new and exciting’.

7 Ways To Keep The Romance Churning After Your First Year
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Here’s a list of 7 Ways To Keep The Romance Churning After Your First Year.


Surprise! Surprise!

Small and little surprises go a long way! Plan surprises for your partner; it could be a gift, an outing or just a message that you are sure to take them by surprise. Be spontaneous and creative when planning your surprises.


Hidden Notes

A sweet and beautiful way to put a smile on your partner’s face is putting hidden notes and messages with beautiful love quotes around their daily schedule. A simple ‘I love You’ note on the mirror to wake up to or inside the tiffin… anywhere; the options are endless!


Relive the Old days

Reminiscing old days is something everyone does once in a while… how about reliving them? Try to recreate days or moments that you and your partner cherish together. It could be a place you both enjoyed visiting together, a movie that you enjoyed or a meal you shared.


Step up!

It’s been a year and by now you are expected to know all the ‘favorites’ of your partner. Suggest plans and dates revolving around these favorites. Cook you partner’s favorite food, wear their favorite color or plan a movie night and watch their favorite movie together.


Intimacy and Fantasies

Don’t let the intimacy take a back seat! Intimate movies are a definite way to keep the excitement up and alive! Let your fantasy run wild and also let your partner’s fantasies come to life!


Plan a Holiday

Yes, you need a break from routine. Plan a short trip or holiday with your partner. It could be a long weekend trip or a holiday to a destination you both dream off! Plan the holiday together and include interests of both the partners.


Get FIT!

Getting involved in sports or workout regimes together are a great way to get closer to your partner. It’s the whole idea of sharing something together and being a partner in activities one and all! You get fit and you also get to enjoy it together!

Love does not die; it gets hidden or faded… all it needs is a spark to bring it back to life! Giving up is easy, blaming the partner is easier… it needs an extra effort to give it your all. If you are sure about your love you will find the way to keep it exciting. No two people are the same and neither are two couples, find what works best for you and don’t stop until you hit the bulls eye! It’s time to rekindle the flame.

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