The Pros and Cons for Having a Long Engagement

Getting married is one of the most exciting life events, and something many people look forward to and plan for years. This is a great way to join together your goals for the future and plan for your future as a couple. A lot of people pop the question and head straight for the alter while others stay engaged for a long time. Although it is rare, some people are engaged for several years before they are married. If you want to do this, you need to look at both the pros and cons of this decision and what affect it might have on your future marriage.

The Pros and Cons for Having a Long Engagement

Getting to Know Each Other

While you’ve both probably been dating a while, the engagement period can bring out a new side to your future spouse you might not have expected. Some couples find that with the waiting game over, the excitement and tension in the relationship fizzles through the engagement. Others notice that with a wedding planned, their relationship gets more relaxed, positive, and they can be more comfortable with their partner. A longer engagement can give your more insight into who you’ll be marrying, what their family is like, and should you choose to live together, their daily habits. This engagement period could be a good or bad thing, depending on your relationship. Take stock of how much you know each other and if new habits you discover will be game changers. An abuse attorney says quick engagements typically won’t reveal abusive tendencies or behaviors, but a longer one might.

Financing Planning

One of the positive aspects of a long engagement is that you have more time for financial planning. In many marriages, finances are a constant source of stress and arguments. If you can get on the same financial page as your spouse, you will be able to avoid a lot of tension in your marriage. A long engagement allows you to work out these financial issues in advance and find common ground for what you want to buy or save up for together.

Less Excitement

There is a high level of excitement when getting engaged to be married. This is typically lowered when you announce the marriage date as several years from the engagement date. With all the things you have to plan, it can seem like it is too far away to even enjoy. Over time, you will have less excitement leading up to your marriage if you decide to stay engaged a long time. This is something you need to keep in mind before you decide to get engaged and set a date. If you want a fun, inclusive wedding this might not be the most exciting choice, but could allow you to plan and prepare more if you have a destination wedding or something similar planned.

More Planning

One more positive about a long engagement is that you have more time for planning. There are many people who love planning their wedding, and a long engagement gives you plenty of time to get every detail right. Although a wedding is not cheap, it is a special time in your life you should enjoy and look back on with fondness. One of the best ways to do this is by taking your time and planning out what you want. With a long engagement, you have plenty of time to do this.

Overall, getting married is a major decision that you should only make after careful consideration. Some people prefer to stay engaged for a long time before getting married. If this is something you are interested in, there are both pros and cons for this decision. Make sure to weigh your choices heavily before deciding on one way or the other.

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