Movie Review: Baby Driver

Movie Review: Baby Driver

Like many of you I was intrigued by the Baby Driver trailer but not really sure what to expect. I’m a fan of Jamie Foxx so I’ll admit that encouraged me to give the film a chance. Also have to say I love Ansel Elgort who stars in the film as Baby. You may remember him from The Fault in Our Stars or the Divergent series.

Baby Driver takes us on a journey with a young and talented getaway driver in Atlanta, Georgia. What makes the movie so fascinating is the way music is strategically and artistically weaved in. If you’re a fan of movies like Kill Bill, I think you’ll enjoy this one. Baby Driver is action packed, witty and offers a few life lessons. The movie was a very pleasant surprise and the soundtrack is amazing. Baby Driver is definitely worth checking out!

Your Life After 25 gives Baby Driver 9/10

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