50% of Marriages Fail: 4 Signs Your Relationship Is Leading to Divorce Too

It’s not pleasant to consider, but divorce is a real possibility in many relationships. People who were once inseparable and in love find themselves growing apart. It doesn’t have to be an immediate falling out. Often, it’s a gradual decline. Here are four signs your relationship is leading to divorce:

Constant Arguing

There are always going to be disagreements between couples. However, if the exchanges between you and your spouse are fraught with tension, it could be a serious problem. Constant arguing where you, your spouse, or both of you take everything they say as an insult is a very big warning sign. There should be respect between partners. Even debating can be a respectful endeavor. If it’s nothing but insults and yelling, it’s time for the marriage to end.

Not Talking

Communication is vital for any relationship, especially a marriage. At the root of this, is talking. There might not be lively conversations every evening. However, there should still be an effort made to understand the other person. You and your spouse should be listening to one another. This includes them telling you about their day and you telling about hopes you have. If you’re not be able to see eye-to-eye, it’s a bad sign for your marriage.

Lack of Effort

A long-standing marriage will become very comfortable. If it’s too comfortable, though, it can result in apathy. If you can’t be bothered to put forth any kind of effort in your marriage, it might be over. Take the time to consider how your demeanor affects your spouse. If you can’t overcome these listless feelings, you might need to say goodbye to your marriage.

Considering Others

Just because you’re happily married doesn’t mean you won’t notice attractive qualities of other people. There’s a difference between thinking someone is handsome in passing and thinking about spending your life with them instead. Think about who you think about in terms of attraction. If your mind never goes towards your spouse, you might be out of love with them. If that’s the case, you should likely divorce them. It’s not fair for you to lead them on any further. If your spouse is the one leading you on, that’s not a good thing either. Time to make a change!

Relationships require two people working together in order to work out. If you suspect your relationship is on the decline and is redeemable, take action. Otherwise, it might be best to get a divorce lawyer, like those at Olson Kulkoski Galloway & Vesely SC, and end things and set your sights elsewhere.

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