The UK’s Top #Halloween Haunted Spots

Have you grown out of being frightened on Halloween? Does the thought of ordinary people donning costumes and being transformed into your worst nightmare make you yawn? Are you certain it is all nothing more than mere child’s play? This year do something that can send shivers down your spine and revive the excitement you felt as a child. There is no candy involved in this plan. Instead of the same old routine — answering the door to greet kids dressed in lame costumes — why not visit some of the most haunted spots in the UK?

Up North

Glamis Castle, Angus – Scotland

This category ‘A’ listed building boasts beautiful gardens and rare trees. Yet there is a darker side to the picturesque plot. Known as one of the most haunted castles in Britain, Glamis has a variety of chilling stories and ghosts that roam the grounds. The Grey Lady believed to be the spirit of Lady Janet Douglas was burned at the stake for being a witch and she has been seen above the clock tower.

A woman with no tongue who runs around pointing at her deformed face has also been recorded. A black servant boy haunts the Queen’s bedroom, as well as the most notorious ghost – Earl Crawford, whose spirit has been spotted walking the castle and leaning over the beds of children who stay the night. History tells us that he was a cruel and evil man. He rebelled against James II, and he’s now thought to be tussling for eternity with the devil in a secret room in Glamis.

Pendle Hill, East Lancashire – England

Pendle Hill is described as a dark and atmospheric spot. It’s no wonder as this location was infamous for its witches around the 16th – 17th century. Devil worshiping and witchcraft have been embedded in the land’s history and still to this day there are reported sightings of the troubled souls of the witches who haunt the surrounding villages. Even its current inhabitants don’t like to discuss the history in fear of reconciliation. Visitors to Pendle Hill also express a strange feeling and an ultra eerie ambience.

Schooner Hotel, Alnmouth, Northumberland – England

 The UK's Top Halloween Haunted Spots Schooner Hotel
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The Poltergeist Society has twice named the Schooner Hotel the most haunted hotel in the UK. With over 60 listed spirits and over 3000 paranormal reports, this hotel is not for the faint-hearted. Previously this old inn accommodated smugglers and was the scene of many murders and suicides. Loud bangs are consistently heard and each room is reportedly occupied by its own ghost.

Other Northern Haunted Hot Spots –

  • Croxeth Hall, Liverpool
  • Chillingham Castle, Northumberland
  • Chingle Hall, Lancaster

Down South

Pluckley, Kent – England

The UK's Top Halloween Haunted Spots Saint Nicholas Church, Pluckley
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If England were to claim a ghost epicentre, then without a doubt it would Pluckley. The quaint village has been named the most haunted place in the UK. The strong magnetism found in the area is believed to encourage paranormal activity and screaming is often heard from around the old brickworks and the woods. The church is haunted by a mid-twentieth century woman and a highwayman has been spotted impaled against trees by swords, not to mention sightings of ghostly horses and carriages trotting down the main street.

Borley Rectory, Essex – England

Often named as Britain’s most haunted house, residents and visitors have experienced paranormal activity for many years. This place is a truly troubled abode and countless investigations have be carried out on unexplained encounters. According to legend, in 1362 a local monk from a monastery struck up a relationship with a nun. Once discovered he was executed and the nun was buried alive in the convent walls beneath the rectory. From 1930 to 1935, tenants recorded 2,000 poltergeist phenomenons including writing appearing on walls and objects flying around rooms.

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Totnes – England

The UK's Top #Halloween Haunted Spots Berry Pomeroy Castle
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This castle is said to host two female ghosts, The White Lady and Blue Lady. The latter is said to shout for help from passers-by, while the White Lady is said to be the spirit of Margaret Pomerory, who was imprisoned by her sister in the castle dungeon. Visitors to the old castle have seen apparitions, strange shadows and experienced paranormal sounds. They also report an evil lingering atmosphere which has followed them home – and that’s not just their friends wearing some eerie Halloween accessories either.

Other Southern Haunted Hot Spots –

  • Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire
  • Tower of London, London
  • Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

So before you go trick-or-treating this Halloween, think about the places you could explore instead. With a world of eerie haunts to explore there’s no reason to trudge around the streets looking for a cheap, slightly scary thrill.


Bill Thompson is an avid ghost hunter and loves to report on his encounters with paranormal activity.

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