5 Beauty Tips For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year where you really need to add some romance and femininity for your look. It is nice to be able to go all-girlie and do your hair and makeup in a very romantic way. If you are looking for some inspiration and help then check out these five simple beauty tips for Valentine’s Day.

1. Soft, Airy Hair

You don’t want to show up for your Valentine’s Day date with a huge amount of hair gel or hairspray in your hair. So forget about creating a weird hairspray look and go for simple hairstyles.

You want your hair to be very airy and look and feel soft. This creates just the right kind of soft feminine image for your date.

There are some clever tips for keeping your hair soft in this She Knows beauty article.

2. Lovely Glow

Make sure that you look really radiating on your date. A good way of adding some glow for your skin is by selecting a proper shimmering foundation to use. You can wear a more matte powder on top of it if you want.

There are also plenty of other tricks for a glowing skin. A dash of sun powder can also work magic. Naturally, you need to ensure that you don’t end up shining like a light bulb so go for a natural look.

3. Feminine Scent

Choosing the right perfume can be a difficult thing to do. It is a good idea to go for something surprising for your Valentine’s Day date. This can add some mystery for your date and really charm your man.

Go for something feminine. It’s a good idea to match your perfume with your personality. So if you are a really bubbly person go for something flowery and bright. If you have a secret side to yourself a darker and deeper scent might be the right one for you.

4. Enhance Your Eye Colour

You want your Valentine to be unable to get their eyes off you and a good way to do this is by enhancing your eye colour. You can simply do this by matching your eye colour with the dress you are wearing. You can also go for contrasting colours.

For example, if you got green eyes wear a plum or a purple dress. You can find a lot of nice Valentine’s Day wholesale dresses for women online, for example at All Stores Clothing.

5. Amazing Kissable Lips

Getting kisses after the romantic dinner date is something you should aim for. And to ensure you got the perfect kissable lips you got to focus on packing in some colour to them. Make sure you go for very deep red lipstick to make your lips look irresistible.

If you want to try something a little bit different then a deep orange lipstick is a really trendy thing right now. Remember to use a proper liner to keep the colour in place.

The above beauty tips will help you look amazing this Valentine’s Day. Just take some time to get ready and have a romantic day!

Anna Holmes loves to look after her beauty. She is always testing out new makeup products and loves experimenting with different hairstyles as well. She also likes to relax and read her favourite novels.

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