10 Most Watched Television Series Finales

Some television shows have struck a chord with viewers, drawing them in week after week and year after year. Inevitably, many series have come to an end, with producers deciding that, before audiences left their shows, they would end the series on their own terms, while ratings were still high. Check out this infographic with the 10 Most Watched Television Series Finales:

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Beginning with #10, Home Improvement came to an end with 35.5 million viewers. Coming in at #9, Family Ties ended its run, pulling in 36.3 viewers. All in the Family brought the final curtain down as 40.2 million viewers said “goodbye” to Archie Bunker. The Cosby Show aired its final show, entertaining 44.4 million viewers. The Tonight Show is ranked #6, waving goodbye as 50 million viewers watched. At #5, Magnum, P.I. ended a strong run, as Thomas Magnum appeared to have died. Friends came in fourth, with 52.5 viewers saying goodbye. Seinfeld brought in over 75 million viewers during its finale. Not surprisingly, Cheers waved farewell to its friends and television show viewers as its numbers topped 80 million. In first place– M*A*S*H, which allowed 105.9 viewers to bid it goodbye.

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