My Fitness and Wellness To Do List: Mind, Body, and Spirit #silkproteinpower

We live in a chaotic world that has become driven by here and now. In a world where news is at your fingertips through the power of a status update or tweet it’s easy to become flustered or overwhelmed. A few years ago I felt myself becoming burned out by the constant need for speed, at this time I made a vow to slow my day down in strategic ways and keep my Mind, Body, and Spirit in mind for personal fitness and wellness goals. Being healthy is a lifestyle, it’s about what we ingest mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.

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As I examined my lifestyle I decided I was going to start my day with positivity, eat better and force myself to get more rest. Now, that might not sound hard for many, but as a recovering insomniac it took training and still takes a bit of effort. Check out my Fitness and Wellness to do list;

1. Wake Up and Meditate

2. Do Sit ups/Crunches (the never ending ab battle)

3. Eat A Balanced Breakfast

4. Go over my vision board

5. Take computer breaks

6. eat a healthy lunch

7. Don’t bring work to bed (still working on that, lol)

8. Eat Dinner

9. Pray/Meditate before bed

10. Try to get at least 4 hours of sleep.

My lifestyle isn’t perfect, yet, but I’ve noticed a lot of positive changes in how my body feels because I’m eating healthier… I’ve made it a point to eat less meat and dairy. I now eat more fish, veggies and drink a lot of Silk Soy Milk or Silk Almond Milk. Eating regularly throughout the day keeps my metabolism going too. I know making lifestyle changes can seem like trying to climb a mountain, but I suggest making small changes at a time… each day is a new day to become a better you!

Be sure to check out more tips and information on Silk Soy Milk or other milk substitutes here. I know sometimes people are always curious about the taste or health benefits, I can definitely say I love it!. You can also like Silk on Facebook here.

What are some things on your Fitness and Wellness to do list?

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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