5 Activities to Carry Out With Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that mostly attacks old people. It is commonly referred to as heightened dementia. This means that it is not all about memory loss but also includes many other conditions. Alzheimer’s disease can be very difficult to detect, especially if you are not close to your aging loved one.

5 Activities to Carry Out With Alzheimer’s Patients
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Some of the symptoms that can get you to realize your loved one may be suffering from this disease include memory loss, change in moods and behavior, difficulty in speech delivery among many others. It is important to take note of these signs early enough so that you can take the necessary precautions to prevent the condition from worsening.

Research has shown that this disease has no defined cure but there are certain things that can help reduce the intensity of the situation. Studies have shown that when certain activities are done by Alzheimer’s patients, the condition is able to be contained. Visit here to learn more about this disease.

Once you notice these signs and symptoms on your loved one, the caregiver should follow these things on a daily basis to reduce the chances of the condition worsening. These activities are:

  • Watching family videos and going through photo albums

Looking through the family’s photo albums and pictures will trigger their memory and bring back some old times. This increases their chances of remembering things when they see them. Remember, this should be done as a daily activity so that the patient can get used to it.

Watching family videos that were taken in the past will also help bring back the memories.

  • Connecting with nature through nature walks

The main point of this is to have them in a calm environment where they can feel the wind blowing, birds chirping and the sound of flowing rivers. During this time, that calm environment may trigger them to remember what their favorite outdoor activity was.

Also, when they come across pets and touch and feel them, it could trigger them to remember what their pet was or moments they interacted with pets. Keeping Alzheimer’s patients locked indoors is not the best thing to do. Let them go out and explore nature.

  • Play music and sing songs together

The caregiver should carry out these activities together with the patient being keen to play and sing songs that the patient loves. These could bring memories of their childhood and in the process help them remember other words.

  • Reading to the patient

As the caregiver, you should find out which books your patient loved to read and read them to him/her out loud. It could be cookbooks or their favorite novel. Let the patient touch the book and even smell it as this could bring back memories as well.

For cookbooks, you could try out the recipes together and see if they can recall a thing or two.

  • Do crafts together

You can do the old skills such as knitting and crocheting together and see if they recall the steps.

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