4 Tea Infused Desserts That You Should Try

Instead of pairing your dessert with a cup of tea on the side, try something new and have your tea inside the dessert. There are hundreds and hundreds of tea flavors out there, which means that there are even more tea-flavored recipes that can be tested. If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of four tea-infused treats to get your hands on when you’re craving dessert.

Four Tea Infused Desserts That You Should Try
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Green Tea

To get a sweet treat infused with green tea, you will need to know where to find mochi ice cream — you can see if your nearest grocery store stocks delicious green tea mochi ice cream by going to MyMo Mochi’s website. This delightful snack is a sphere of ice cream covered in a layer of sweetened rice dough called mochi that comes in a variety of different flavors — one of those flavors of mochi ice cream Is the lovely, subtle and unique taste of green tea. You can eat the green tea mochi balls one at a time or make a sundae with toppings like sesame seeds, chilled raspberries and drizzled honey.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a black tea with bergamot, which has a citrusy fragrance and lightness that pairs well with richer flavors. One rich flavor that it pairs well with is chocolate, which is why Earl Grey and chocolate desserts are absolutely divine. You can make a tray of Earl Grey and chocolate pots de crème, which translates to bowls of chocolate cream, to see just how well the two ingredients work together.


Much like earl grey, oolong is an excellent tea to pair with rich desserts, because the tea gives the dishes a lighter undertone. This is why you should make a crème brûlée infused with oolong tea — the floral and full-bodied aroma of oolong will make the heaviness of the cream and the sweetness of the caramelized sugar taste lighter. In order to keep with the tea theme, you can make the crème brûlée in tea cups instead of ramekins.

Four Tea Infused Desserts That You Should Try
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You can use this flowery tea for fruity desserts, because it has a delicate scent and taste that won’t overpower other ingredients. For a simple way to infuse chamomile tea into a treat, boil it in a pot and poach fruit inside of it. Before bringing it to a boil, throw in a split vanilla bean to add more freshness and sugar for sweetness. Then poach a handful of apricots or pears in the mixture, because they are tart — tart fruits won’t taste cloying if they are coated in a sweet syrup.

There’s no reason that tea should be solely reserved for drinking alongside dessert — it can be just as delicious and comforting inside of the dishes. Fantastic tea flavors like green, earl grey, oolong and chamomile can add something different to your favorite treats, and inspire you to appreciate tea in a whole new way.

Four Tea Infused Desserts That You Should Try
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