How to Throw a Classy Dinner Party that Will Impress Your Friends

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It’s always nice to get together with a few friends and create wonderful memories. Even though life can get busy at times, it’s nice to slow down and connect with friends you love. A great way to connect is by hosting a classy dinner party. Not only will this allow you all the opportunity to have fun with each other, but it’ll also give you an opportunity to step your hosting game up and try some new things. If you need a few tips on how to throw an awesome dinner party, consider these four.


If your party is around a major holiday like Valentine’s or Christmas, try to have decor that highlights the theme. If you’re not big on the holidays, why not try to decorate according to the season? If the party is in the fall, use a color palette that’s inspired by the fall leaves. If you’re into movies and drama, consider hosting a party surrounding a certain book or movie. The Great Gatsby or a good murder mystery are both great concepts. Head over to a site like Pinterest to gather inspiration for the decor.


Always consider your guests and their dietary restrictions. It’s not fun to come to a dinner party and know that there’s not much you can eat. Reach out to them and ask them if they have any restrictions, allergies or particular diets they’re following. When in doubt, keep the meals as simple yet delicious as possible. If this causes you any stress, feel free to get the dinner catered.


Always keep bottled water on hand for your guests. Keep an assortment of coffees and teas nearby as well. In addition to iced drinks such as juice and sparkling water, pull out a good wine, such as one from JJ Buckley Fine Wines, for an added touch of sophistication. Have a non-alcoholic cider for those who don’t drink.


When it comes to entertainment, it’s usually gratifying to be in one another’s company. However, you never know if your guests are not in the mood to really open up and talk about politics, personal issues or the media. In that case, switch it up and lighten the mood with some good music and fun games for a small group of people.

You’d be surprised by how far these four tips will take you in preparing the perfect dinner party. In addition to these tips, make sure to keep your camera nearby and take lots of pictures. You’ll want to savor the memories and remember how fun the night was. Once you get your feet wet, you’ll want to continue hosting on a regular basis. Have fun!

How to Throw a Classy Dinner Party that Will Impress Your Friends
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