4 Reasons You Keeping Getting Knee Pain When You Run

Knee pain is one of the most common pains people have nowadays. I know loads of friends and family of all ages that complain they have pain in their knees when they run. Some have very sharp pain that starts immediately, others get gradual pain that builds the longer they run for.

The biggest annoyance for anyone with knee pain is figuring out why it’s always there. What’s causing the problem? And can I solve it? Well, here are a few common reasons your knee pain continues to bug you.


3 Reasons You Keeping Getting Knee Pain When You Run
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You Have Arthritis In Your Knee

Arthritis is a very common cause of knee pain, particularly in slightly older people. If you’re the better side of 35, then this is a real thing to consider when figuring out why your pain is present. People younger than this can also still get arthritis, it’s just less common. You’ll really want to get this sorted as soon as possible because arthritis can lead to many other problems. As Dr. Daniel C Allison notes, it can quickly lead to bone degeneration that requires advanced joint reconstruction. You don’t want to go through this, so try and catch the problem early. Symptoms include pain in the knee joint even when you aren’t running, particularly when walking upstairs or when the weather is cold.

You’ve Got Patellar Tendinitis

Another reason your knee is always sore when you run is because you have patellar tendinitis. This is caused by repetitive strain on the knee joint. Normally, people that run a lot with poor trainer support get this. Your knee gets put under a lot of stress, and the patellar tendon just can’t handle it. Once again, when left untreated, this may require surgery. The best way to cure this is with rest, icing the knee, and getting better trainers with more support when you return to your running ways. Symptoms of this are mainly knee pain that only happens when you run and fades away after you rest.

Your Pain Is Referred From Elsewhere

As it turns out, your knee pain might not even be coming from your knee! That’s right, there are many ankle or hip conditions that can cause referred knee pain. Likewise, many common muscle problems are linked to knee pain. If you run a lot, you end up with quite tight calves in your lower legs. Having tight muscles here can cause pain in your knee. The same goes for having tight muscles in your upper legs too. The best way to treat this is to test if you have tight muscles by giving them a stretch. If you really struggle to stretch them, then the chances are they’re very tight! Keep stretching them out, maybe even get a massage or two, then run and see if the pain is still there. If it’s not, then this was the cause of your knee discomfort.

You’re Not Treating It Properly

If you don’t have a condition that is causing the pain, then it could be the case that you are simply not treating it properly. You’re not giving it time to heal, you’re not doing the things that you can do to make it feel better, and instead are covering it up with a bandaid and hoping that helps. Maybe in the short-term it will, but not in the long-run and that is why it’s a recurring problem.

One of the things that you definitely need to be doing is resting. Take the time to rest and let yourself properly heal. Take something for the pain whether it’s an over the counter medication or delta 9 gummies or whatever else you can think of. The point is that you have got to take care of it if you want it to stop happening.

I think it’s important to take care of ourselves whenever we engage in fitness activities. Yes, running will help you get fit and be healthy. But, if you keep getting knee pain then it will lead to bigger problems in the future. Diagnose your pain, fix it, then get back on the fitness wagon.

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