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How Understanding Love Languages Could Save Your Relationships

The five love languages is a personality test designed by counselor and therapist Gary Chapman. In his book by the same...
Posted On 17 Aug 2016

How to Keep Your Relationship Alive

Unfortunately, people are just unable to stay in the honeymoon phase forever. Note: any relationship has risks to turn...
Posted On 05 Aug 2016

How to Know If This Girl Is Right for You

New relationships are always magnificent. You see the whole world in pink, everything is amazing, and the people around...
Posted On 03 Aug 2016

5 Anniversary Ideas to Change Up Your Routine This Year

Whether you’ve been together a lifetime or just a year or two, an anniversary is the perfect way to connect with your...

8 Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas for Aged Women

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life and the wedding anniversary is a reminder of the day two...
Posted On 17 Jun 2016

Powerful Sexting Advice to Keep Things Exciting

Sexting can be a really fun activity and is bound to get you and your partner excited. Whether you’re sexting for fun...
Posted On 13 Jun 2016


Top 3 Things to Do in Costa Rica

The diverse terrain of Costa Rica includes lush forests, wildlife reserves, and stunning tropical beaches, offering a...
Posted On 26 Aug 2016

Travel in Style Whatever the Occasion!

If you want to make an impact when you arrive, and you really want to enjoy yourself on the journey, there’s only one...
Posted On 26 Aug 2016

18 Travel Hacks you should know For Your End of Summer Vacations

Come summer and you’ll be itching to wear your travel hat and escape to a beautiful destination to spend time with...
Posted On 25 Aug 2016

Two Essential Questions about Chartering a Private Jet

There is no secret that when you start to charter a private jet the final point might seem to be unseen and...
Posted On 24 Aug 2016