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Divorce & Finances: How to Protect Yourself Financially?

Divorce can be painful. However, it can be a reasonable process where both of the spouses want a harmonious parting, or...
Posted On 09 Nov 2016

Relationship Regrets: Simple Steps to Win Your Ex-Lover Back Fast

Relationships are complicated, especially as time passes.  For example, you may think it’s done and over, yet after some...
Posted On 29 Oct 2016

3 Little Things You Can Do to Connect with the Hubby

Men can be quite tricky to understand, but they are also very literal and easy to get at the same time. They love to do...
Posted On 28 Oct 2016

8 Things You Must Know Before Asking a Girl Out

First dates are indeed one of the hottest topics on the Internet. However, there is one even more critical issue – how...
Posted On 28 Oct 2016

How Not To Get Into a Friend Zone

A few wrong steps and you’re in a friend zone stigmatized as a “just friend”. What does lead to this? The wrong strategy...
Posted On 25 Oct 2016

Divorce Decisions: How to Decide Who Gets What (Including the Dog)

One of the most convoluted parts of getting a divorce is deciding how to split up the possessions. After years of mixing...


Road Trip to Remember: 5 Amazing Drives with Awesome Destinations

One of the greatest American pastimes is piling the family into the car, starting the engine, and hitting the open road...
Posted On 02 Dec 2016

A Heritage Walk Across the 7 Islands that Formed Mumbai

The time was late 1800s. Bombay wasn’t re-christened as Mumbai yet. People who lived here called the city Bombay in...
Posted On 04 Nov 2016

Want to Truly Embrace French Culture? Move There and Do as They Do!

There are many travelers to France who are so inspired by many aspects of French culture that they fall in love with the...
Posted On 03 Nov 2016

Affordable Travel- How to Travel without ruining your Budget

Many people regard traveling as a luxury, but the reality is that everyone can travel without spending a lot of money....
Posted On 01 Nov 2016