The Amazing Spider Man 2: Movie Review

Spider Man Marvel


Having superpowers does not make you invincible and reminds us of this in the second installment of The Amazing Spider Man. Right from the start the movie takes you in on the action and kept up the pace really well. As opposed to many of the superhero films that have been out lately, The Amazing Spider Man 2 really brings you on an emotional ride right alongside the action.

Comic book lovers and movie goers alike will love an appreciate all that Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Jamie Foxx bring to the table. If the action, story, and just it being Spiderman weren’t enough for you to go watch it the soundtrack put together is phenomenal and well placed all throughout the movie never making a dull moment.

This movie is a must see and hard to talk about without spoiling anything but I give it a 10/10 and don’t leave when you see the credits!

Your Life After 25 gives The Amazing Spider Man 2 10/10


Check out The Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer below

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