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Stefanie Wolz
Web Extraordinaire
Stefanie became interested in web design as a teenager and has since designed and run a number of websites of her own. She has worked with numerous clients in myriad of ways; ranging from design to social media marketing. Stefanie has also been with the Your Life After 25 since the birth of our mission.



Dee Dee Cocheta
Named by Atlanta Journal Constitution as the ‘maestro of marketing,’ Dee Dee M. Cocheta orchestrated her marketing skills in Radio before she went on to her next goal in life, spearheading A.B.C. Publicity in 1999. Dee Dee is an empowering woman, mother of 7, and motivator of many. She was the perfect fit for our Your Life After 25 team.
Dantè Trimble
Creative Director
Dantè Trimble has been working in the internet world since the mid 90’s, his passion started with e-commerce and grew over time to other aspects of internet media. Sharing in Da Vinci’s vision of helping people, the partnership was a perfect fit. Although many know Dante as the “silent” type, he’s been an integral part of the behind the scenes vision of Your Life After 25.
Da Vinci
Editor In Chief
As the founder and Editor in Chief of Your Life After 25, Da Vinci is able to execute her vision of helping people with the brand message to “Entertain – Educate – Empower”. Motivated, compassionate, eclectic, creative, free spirited, all describe Da Vinci beyond the personification of Leonardo, Da Vinci considers herself a modern day Renaissance woman. After 3 years of building the “Your Life After 25” brand, Da Vinci is expanding her reach and working on her first book “The Pocket Sous Chef” a cookbook for professionals, singles, couples and more. She looks forward to seeing where the Lord will take her journey.
Hannah Whittenly
Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two out of Sacramento, CA. She been living life after 25 for a few more years than she cares to say, but is loving every minute. Hannah loves to write about all kinds of topics, but her favorites are family, business, and home design.


Kandace Heller
Kandace is a freelance writer and native to Orlando, Florida. She stayed close to home and studied Communications at the University of Florida. Kandace loves to read, write and spend time at the beach. Her favorite things to write about are fashion and relationships, but she loves doing research and learning new tips to share.


Andraea Campbell
Andraea is a freelance writer from Kahuku, Hawaii. She writes for business, lifestyle, and the home niches. She loves surfing, being outside, and enjoying the beauty of Hawaii.
Krista Beres
Contributing Writer
Krista is a PR maven with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant, entertainment and retail industries. As a 30’s-something single gal in a big city, she enjoys meeting people and embracing the latest trends, newest discoveries and whatever life throws her way. She is an all around perfect fit for Your Life After 25.