Relationship Coaching: Signs That You Need It

You may fall in love at times when you least expected, to the person you didn’t think of possibly hooking up with. Actually, falling in love is easy – staying that way is a challenge. Being happily married is the goal for every couple. However, after the so-called honeymoon stage, the level of affection can change. Differences will begin to surface and misunderstandings will try to rule the relationship. Issues can lead to frustration and disappointments, and worse, detachment.

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While many couples give up and stop trying to save their relationship, ending up in resorting to divorce, you can always take the other route. After all, you have control over your emotions and thoughts. If both you and your spouse are willing to settle your differences and revive your marriage, there are options and solutions that can help you. One of the best and proven ways to help you cope and survive the rough phase in your married life is relationship coaching.

Couple’s coaching helps clients get rid of blind spots that prevent them from seeing themselves—and the world around them—clearly. It also helps married individuals learn how to listen without making hasty judgments and putting the blame onto their partners. Coaches can also guide people how to express their opinions and ideas in a constructive manner, without sounding angry or argumentative. These are just some of the benefits of relationship coaching that can transform one’s marriage.

Moreover, how do you know if you need it? Here are some of the signs that you may need coaching.


You fight about the same things and issues time and again

This is a proof that you were not able to solve and end old problems. This is typically a result of lack of proper communication and unwillingness to compromise, which are both telltale signs of an unhealthy relationship. If you couldn’t put a closure to past issues and it keeps on resurfacing, it will just damage your marriage repeatedly. In coaching, you will learn how to communicate well so you and your spouse can talk about your misunderstandings.

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You just stopped exerting an effort to make things better

You may think that no one can blame you for feeling tired because you have always been trying to fix the problems and you just reached your limit. For as many times as you can remember, you might have felt rejected and hurt and indeed, this can make it easier for you to stop hoping that the gap between you and your spouse can still be bridged. It is possible that your partner is also feeling the same way without you knowing it. With the help of a coach, you can find new ways to help you reach out again.


You no longer have interest in sex

It is normal to refuse to make love when you are too exhausted physically but if this happens regularly and almost in a pattern, then something else might be wrong. You may be surprised to know that you are not just disinterested in sex, but in your spouse and relationship as well. Without a healthy sexual relationship, any of you can end up looking for someone to fill the void and coaching can help prevent that.


Your children are already affected

If your kids start asking if you are getting a divorce, be alarmed. While you can always pretend that everything is okay, your children can sense the distance and tension between their parents. This may affect them in more ways than you can imagine and you need to seek help as soon as possible, if you want to save your family.

Savannah Ellis is a relationship therapist from Las Vegas. She does affair coaching and sharing an advice on how to deal with jealousy.

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