5 Special Things To Consider When Proposing To The Love Of Your Life

You won’t get many chances to find true happiness throughout your lifetime and when you find someone who makes you happy you should wrap your arms tightly around them so they can’t escape. If you have been with the same person for a few years it’s maybe time to take it to the next level. Do you think you are ready to pop the question? Maybe she is ready for you to ask and is just waiting for you to get down on one knee.

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If you are ready to spend the rest of your life with your special someone you just need to propose. This can be harder than it sounds because you want to make it the most magical moment ever. You want to make it a memory you will both cherish for the rest of your lives. In order to do that you might need a little help to spark your imagination. Luckily we’re going to look at some of the things you could do to make it a day you will never forget.


Get lots of flowers

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First you need to play detective and find out what your girlfriend’s favourite flowers are. You should really know this, but if you’ve not paid attention before you might not. You will need to choose a location to pop the questions and it can be anywhere, but when you propose it should be covered in her favourite flowers. This is something you will need to organize well ahead of time. If you can’t have lots of flowers where you’re proposing you can scatter them around your bedroom for when she gets home.


The more the merrier

Don’t think you need to be alone when you ask the question. If your girlfriend loves her family she might be over the moon if you decide to ask her in front of her mom and sisters. If you have a lot of close friends it’s the same kind of deal. You could even throw a surprise party and ask her in front of everyone she knows. Just remember not to ask her publically if she is a shy person because you don’t want to embarrass her if you want her to say yes.


A special day

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You could combine the day of your proposal with another special day. Imagine her surprise if she opened up a little box under the Christmas tree and there was a diamond ring inside. If you are on holiday and it’s one of the most beautiful locations in the world it might be a nice backdrop for when you get down on one knee. You don’t have to propose on a special day, but just keep it in mind because it can make the day more magical if you get it right.


Choose the right ring

The most important part of the proposal is obviously the ring and your bride-to-be will love showing it off to everyone she knows. It’s vital you get this step right and it means choosing the right ring. Firstly, I hope you know her ring size otherwise you will need to find out before you do anything else. If you don’t know the exact one she wants it would maybe be better buying a cheap one then letting her pick the real one herself the following weekend.


Use a prop

If you use the right prop it can work out perfectly. These are always cheesy, but that sometimes makes them more special. You could hire an airplane and the proposal would be written on a banner getting dragged through the sky. If your girlfriend loves listening to the radio you could try to get the presenters to read your proposal live on air. You could even put it on a billboard so she will see it when she’s driving to work in the morning. Just be creative and you’ll do fine.


This article is authored by Ryan Hall, an employee at Lior Diamonds, a leading online diamond store. Ryan is an animal lover and works as an activist for PETA.

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