4 Ways to Get Your Groom Looking His Best for the Wedding

A lot of thought goes into the way the bride will look on her wedding day, but sometimes the groom’s appearance is neglected. Sometimes men need a little guidance when it comes to going the extra mile with their grooming. Here are four tips to help your fiancé look his best on your wedding day.

4 Ways to Get Your Groom Looking His Best for the Wedding
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The majority of men’s facial skincare involves a quick splash of water, but for clearer skin on the big day, encourage him to incorporate a facial cleanser and unscented moisturizer into his evening routine a few months before the wedding. For bonus points, he can also exfoliate his face weekly to remove dead skin cells. The morning of the wedding, give him a packet of blotting tissues to remove any grease from his forehead between pictures.


4 Ways to Get Your Groom Looking His Best for the Wedding
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If your fiancé struggles with ingrown hairs on his face, have him begin using anti-ingrown pads to heal these marks at least a week before the wedding. The morning of, he should shave. An excellent gift idea before the wedding is a professional Vintage Blades straight razor kit, which will give a closer shave than drugstore razors. These razors are used in barbershops. This vintage-style razor will make him feel like an old-fashioned gentlemen while also preventing a five o’clock shadow by the end of the night.


No less than a week before the wedding, your groom should have a professional haircut. This short time gap before the big day will ensure that he doesn’t look over-done on the day of and will also give a few days for a disaster-cut to grow out if the barber ends up taking off too much. It would be wise to discuss his haircut plans before he goes to the barber to decide together what will look best for pictures.


Although it may be difficult to talk your fiancé into a salon manicure, by all means try. His hands will be photographed closely many times throughout the day, and you don’t want dirty, uneven fingernails or jagged cuticles haunting your precious wedding photographs. Many salons offer “sport” packages specifically tailored to men’s nail care, which may sound more appealing to him than a “mani”.

Although men often concern themselves less about their physical appearance than women, it is possible to help your soon-to-be husband look his photo-ready best on your wedding day, in a few simple steps.

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