5 Secrets to an Unforgettable 10th Anniversary

Wow, it’s that wonderful wedded milestone. Ten years! Are you wondering how to make your anniversary celebration extra special? We have five tips to ramp up the romance. Lend us your ear, and we’ll spill our secrets. Your beloved will be delighted!

5 Secrets to an Unforgettable 10th Anniversary
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1. Replicate your Wedding Feast

Think back to your wedding reception. Do you remember what food was served? Sit down with your honey-bunny and try to recreate the menu. Write down as many details as you can. Was the reception a sit-down dinner? If so, see if you can remember the appetizer, soup, salad, entree, and dessert. Was it a buffet? If yes, try to conjure up three dishes from your day. If you recall only snippets of your reception meal, build a menu around those. Were you so enamored of each other that you draw blanks of your wedding feast? If so, craft a menu of your favorite foods. Then have a blast cooking together.

A woman always remembers her wedding bouquet. Hopefully, hubby does too. If the lady is reading this, set the table with the flowers used in your bouquet. If you’re a gent on this blog, order an arrangement resembling your beloved’s bouquet. If you can’t recall the starring blooms, buy flowers you know she loves. Use them as the centerpiece for your celebratory meal.

2. Offer a Handmade Gift

Etsy offers a digital file for making a DIY “10 Things I Love About You” coupon booklet. Upon payment, you download the file and print up the pages. The files include a cover, 10 blank coupon cards, and a heart-and-arrow design. Cut out the cards and have fun completing them. On each card, write down something you love about your beloved. Then punch a hole in each card and arrange as a booklet of 10 sentiments. Fasten the booklet by lining up the holes and attaching a ribbon, cord, or key chain ring. The completed coupon booklet measures 5 x 2.5 inches.

3. Anniversary Scrap Book

Go to your local stationery or craft store and buy a scrapbook. Choose a theme that represents your relationship. It could reflect things you love doing together. Examples are cooking, boating, dancing, hiking, going to movies, concerts, or eating out. You could use a color theme of your honey’s favorite hue. A theme for a man could be sports. A theme for a woman could be flowers. Then fill the scrapbook with elements of your theme.

Referring back to the first examples, theme elements could include recipes, napkins, photos, programs, pressed flowers, food wrappers, ticket stubs, take-out menus, or restaurant receipts. Add a poem. Create a list of your sweetie’s virtues and strengths. Include former cards you’ve given each other. Glue in some jewels, sequins, or buttons. Add some stickers from a card shop. Your honey will treasure this memento of your 10 years together.

4. Surprise Your Sweetie 

Surprises are so romantic! Your surprise can be on a small or grand scale. As long as it’s delightfully unexpected, your sweetie will think you’re aces. Small tokens of surprise could include:

  • A love note posted on the bathroom mirror
  • A chocolate on your honey’s pillow
  • A love note hunt through the house, leading to a hidden present
  • Flowers sent to her on the job
  • Popping in at his workplace and taking him out to lunch

Next are some larger-scale surprises for your companion:

  • Arrange an impromptu getaway at a hotel or bed-and-breakfast
  • Plan a surprise dinner cruise
  • Arrange a second honeymoon, possibly returning to the site of your wedding location
  • Take your darling to where you had your first date
  • Have a surprise party

If you want to throw a fantastic party, you can up the feeling of class by renting out Noah’s Event Venues or a similar space. By using a beautiful venue, you can celebrate in a big way. You can customize your event by choosing a theme (Casino Royale, Black and White Party, etc.) and creating an atmosphere that people won’t forget. Most venues will assist you in customizing your space from a selection of linens, lighting, and decor. You can arrange everything behind the scenes with an event planner. Your cutie will be so surprised!

5. Practice the Habits of Happy Couples

Ten years together can make a relationship rather predictable. Routine creates security, but it can lead to a ho-hum life. If your marriage needs a jump-start, it’s easy enough to light a spark. Consider adopting the “10 Habits of Really Happy Couples,” presented by Lifehacker:

1. Focus on what your partner does well instead of wrong

2. Make forgiveness your default mode

3. Cultivate your common interests

4. Send your partner into each day with “I love you”

5. Check in with each other during the day

6. Hug each other on-sight at night

7. Stroll together hand-in-hand

8. Head for bed at the same time

9. Be sure to say good-night before slipping into sleep

10. Thank your partner every chance you get

The Secrets Are Out

Now you know the secrets to a most memorable 10th. Get out there and make it a night worthy of the years you have dedicated to each other!

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