How To Make Your Dating Profile More Attractive and Get Results! Infographic

Online dating is supposed to open up a whole new world of potential partners, all with the seemingly simple task of writing a personal profile. But if you’re not getting much in the way of responses, chances are you’ve fallen into some of the common pitfalls that make your profile less interesting to the viewer. You don’t want to undersell what makes you special, but you don’t want to oversell yourself, either. So how can you write a good profile that appeals to a wide group of possible partners, and doesn’t make you sound like you’re trying too hard?

There are a number of errors that often find their way into a profile, dooming it to disinterest. Consider your picture: are you using one that’s unflattering, or are you in a group, making it difficult for viewers to pick you out? Go for honesty and use your best, most current picture.

Another issue are the words you choose to describe yourself. Everyone’s prone to a little exaggeration, especially when it comes to attracting a partner. But certain words are a red flag to the viewer that you’re a paper tiger. Plain talk is best, even though you may feel that it’s not interesting enough to grab attention from a passing viewer.

We’ve collected data from a variety of sources to help you improve your dating profile and become more successful. Read on to learn more about what people are looking for in a partner and increase the possibility of finding that one person who’s right for you.

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