Riddick – Movie Review By Da Vinci

Riddick is the 3rd installment of The Chronicles of Riddick movie series, when I first heard about it I have to say I thought about my feelings toward the previous films. Pitch Black was the first film, I found the previous 2 movies in the series to be quite mediocre if not forgettable. So… the question is why did I go see it? LOL, well I like to try to give every movie it’s own chance… for me Riddick is the best of the trilogy.

This movie picks up after Riddick’s betrayl by the Necromongers and continues with the action and gore that we enjoy. If you loved the 1st two films, you’ll probably be blown away by this one… however, if you share my sentiments… you’ll at least appreciate this flick for the entertainment that it is. I like to describe it as terribly entertaining… a slightly bad film that’s just good enough for you to somewhat enjoy. There were some bits of humor thrown in amongst the fighting and sometimes strained narration, but hey, at least we get to see singer/song writer Keri Hilson make her big acting debut. I must say although her role was short lived I was pleasantly surprised by her acting skills and encourage her to pursue other roles.

So… to sum it up Riddick is a good watch if you’ve seen everything else that’s come out, you’re into the series or you’re a Vin Diesel fan like me 😉

Your Life After 25 gives Riddick a 6/10

Your Life After 25 gives Riddick a 6/10
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